Krista + Leo’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl

How They Met

This love story happens to start back when Krista + Leo met in high school orchestra in Corpus Christi as they both played the violin. Mutual friends yet just acquaintances, Krista + Leo gradually became friends. How could they not when they had such a dynamic group of friends to hang out with, bringing the two of them together?? All of them love to laugh and love to be together, so naturally Krista + Leo started realizing they both LOVED being around each other and even shared a LOT in common. Both shy, timid and sweet in nature, they drew closer.

Through our relationship, we have grown as individuals and have flourished with our encouragement of one another in every venture we have undertaken. We love to laugh, take in every moment we are blessed with together, and spend time with family every chance we get.


Let’s Go to the Movies!

Dating began almost 8 years ago, toward the end of high school. Their first date was MOVIE NIGHT! Fun fact – right after Krista + Leo’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl, they went and saw The Lion King! They have remained a couple throughout the years who loves enjoying a good movie together. With instant connection due to similar laid-back personality types and shared value of family, faith and kindness, their relationship grew more and more. They love to encourage each other to always take leaps of faith and put one foot in front of the other, always striving to becoming the very best versions of themselves.

We work best together as a team and we thank God for bringing us together in life and for His blessings and true love in our lives.


The Proposal

Krista + Leo took a trip to New York City over Thanksgiving week, and to Krista’s surprise, Leo had planned a beautiful proposal for their first day there!! They spent the entire first day exploring the city and then Leo took Krista to the top of Rockefeller Center! WHAT?! With a stunning Panoramic view of the city coupled with dazzling city lights off in the distance, Leo so purposefully and romantically proposed to the love of his life. He hired a photographer to capture some moments from the proposal and had made dinner reservations in Time Square at the top of a hotel. The restaurant had an incredible view of Time Square and is appropriately called “The View“. Of course, Leo had the restaurant print a custom menu and had them leave flowers waiting at their table by the window. Truly a romantic! Queue “Aaaawwwwe”. Once the romantic night came to a close, they went into Time Square to FaceTime family and share the news!! Of course, Leo had given everyone a heads up already, but it was…

…truly a magical proposal and more than I could have ever dreamed of.


Having heard all of the above from Krista + Leo at their wedding consult, I instantly adored this couple. Their love is apparent, true and completely beautiful – so you can imagine the fun we had at their engagement session! Sure, they are quiet, but they laugh A LOT! We just had the best time wandering the Riverwalk and The Historic Pearl, capturing their love story along the way. February 22nd… hurry up and get here already!!!!