Kristin + Ryan’s Bluebonnet Engagement Session at Confluence Park

Oh wow, Kristin + Ryan!! The two of you are absolutely captivating!! It was moment after moment of joyful exchanges, sweet banter and the great outdoors that created so many magical photos for your gallery. I don’t think I could ever pick just one favorite!!! Thank you for blessing me with your powerful and dynamic relationship that I had the honor of capturing through my lenses. There’s nothing sweeter than a couple who has joy at the core, love overflowing and kindness for the world around them. If they were a season, it’d be the picture of Spring! Bright, cheerful, and blossoming with life. Although Kristin + Ryan’s Bluebonnet engagement session at Confluence Park will be a bright spot in your day to look through, check out their story below!! It’s so fun to have a window into their beginning…


Our love story began with a simple swipe on Bumble back in 2021. Ryan was Initially struck by Kristins beauty and sweetness in our early texts,  and found himself even more captivated when we met in person on December  19th 2021. We explored The Pearl and It was an unusually cold day so we warmed up with spiked hot chocolate before making our way to one of our favorite bar The Sternewirth at Hotel Emma. Kristin was captivated by Ryan’s personality specifically his humor immediately. Ryan found Beyond Kristins physical allure, it was Kristin’s inner radiance and genuine personality that truly won him over. We parted ways on our first date and our conversations became the highlight of our days filled with laughter and genuine connection. 

As our bond deepend Kristin and Ryan relationship blossomed. It became more serious in the summer of 2022.  They had rarely spent any moments alone. Weekends were filled with pool days, bar hopping, and fun weekend trips away such as NOLA and Austin. 

In the fall in 2023 Kristin planned a trip to Europe. Kristin couldn’t imagine Ryan not being with her so we both decided to go. Ryan knew he’d get no better romantic opportunity to purpose to his love of his life at the Eiffel Tower on November 23, 2023. Kristin  was ecstatic couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone else and joyfully said yes! 

Makeup: Angelica Pavloaa
Hair: Alan at Xcel Hair 
Ring: j green jewelers 
Ryan’s outfit 1st outfit 
Peter Millar sport coats 
Mizzen and main shirt
Lululemon pants 
2nd outfit 
Mizzen and main shirt 
Lululemon pants 
Kristins outfit  
White dress  from moss 
Black dress revolve (The Sonia Midi Dress in Black)