Melanie and Stevens Red, Dark Pink, Light Pink, and Dark Purple Wedding at Remis Ridge of Walters Wedding Estates

A HUGE congratulations to Melanie and Steven on their marriage! This day was full of emotion… the tears of joy consistently flowed throughout the entire day, but I can’t help but smile as I reminisce through the photos because Melanie has THE most contagious smile and laugh! Y’all, she is a complete joy to be around and she makes you feel like you are the most important person to her and that she loves to be around you. It’s infectious to hang around that kind of person, so getting to spend the day with her and her friends/family/hubby – it was an incredible way to spend my Friday! Melanie and Steven’s Red, Dark Pink, Light Pink and Dark Purple Wedding at Remi’s Ridge of Walter’s Wedding Estates has me swooning, laughing, dreaming and loving my job!

Melanie and Bobby didn’t see each other until that aisle moment, so it was so much fun getting to witness that first look as he grinned from ear to ear watching his bride approach him. The ceremony was beautiful with gorgeous weather, AMAZING florals ( of course, because it’s Melanie’s vibrancy mixed with Wolf Weddings!!!! ) and clouds going in and out between vows, tears, laughter and of course that kiss to seal the deal! Little did I know, there was a LOT of fun about to be had at the reception!!!!!! Y’all! These two danced the night away, and Melanie wore here glasses and cowgirl hat – stealing the show with her crazy dance moves, fun floor spins and friends willing and excited to join in! I’m so thankful to get to know people like Melanie and Bobby, and I hope to see them again soon!

Vendors to be recognized:
PHOTOGRAPHER: @hannahcharisphotography
HMU: @BlushdBeautyTX
VENUE: Remis Ridge @waltersweddingestates
FLORIST: @wolfweddings
CAKE: @2tartsbakery
CATERING: @waltersweddingestates
GROOMSMEN: @menswearhouse
INVITATIONS: @lyonspaperie