Leana + Jorge’s Engagement Session at Hotel Valencia

Working for the same Certified Public Accountant, seeing each other on a regular basis from work, Leana + Jorge and found themselves getting to know each other through common interests which undeniably bonded them. Family, music, movies, good food, good drinks – you name it! Their connection was instant, their interests were aligned, and their desire to move beyond friends was eminent, so Jorge decided to take Leana out on their first date! La Reserva in Laredo, TX made for the perfect launch of their journey as Leana+George.

Knowing this was meant to be, excited for a bond this close and ready for what the future holds, Leana + Jorge went on their first getaway for Leana’s birthday during Thanksgiving break… guess where they went? YUP. Leana + Jorge’s Engagement Session at Hotel Valencia was planned due to its special place in their hearts. This riverwalk wonder is where the rest of their lives would begin and they forever have a San Antonio gem to get away to.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when arriving at their session although I had the privilege of meeting these two incredible human beings at my office when we initially had our wedding consult. Because of that day, I knew I could expect two people who deeply love one another, an incredible bride to be who has stars in her eyes and gold in her heart and a gentleman to the highest degree with a splash of ornery. =) So I guess I knew what to expect in that sense, but I had NO idea the beauty I was about to walk into.

I know, I know. Hannah, why the moody look? Where are the light and airy photos?? Don’t be scared, I’m not changing my style (you’ll see if you keep scrolling). 😉 But in order to do Hotel Valencia Riverwalk justice, I HAD to bring my flashes, my Magmod setup and go to town! Literally! Haha. Bad pun, I know. We had a WONDERFUL time exploring and finding the coolest settings I’ve ever seen! Photographer’s Dreamland!! Can I just say, I love when my couples really think outside the box and take me places I would have never thought to step into or out into! I LOVE IT! And their company made it 10x better! Jorge makes everyone around him seem like a friend, Leana’s giggle was sweet and fun, and they gave me a gift in addition to taking care of my valet… these two are thoughtful, generous, fun and why do they have to live in Laredo?! Lol. BUT – I cannot WAIT for their wedding at La Cantera Resort next Spring!

Vendors to be recognized!!

•THE RING: Moore’s Jewelers in Laredo, TX
•HAIR: Sophie at Jax Studio
•MAKEUP: Kim Ramirez at Jax Studio
•VENUE: Hotel Valencia Riverwalk