Mat + Tori’s Engagement Session at Phil Hardberger Park and Cowboy’s Dance Hall

Only a couple months away from marriage, Mat + Tori were playful, fun, carefree and willing to dance at the drop of a hat! They met at Cowboys and have fallen in love, the kind that lasts forever! It was a dream getting to work with them… I always encourage my couples to think outside the box, so that’s exactly what they did! They called up Cowboy’s and got special permission to use their dance floor as the second phase of their portrait session to show off their incredible moves! All I had to do was snap away and strategically backlight them so they POPPED! No matter where we were, the same look was in their eyes and it seemed as though along with their feet, their hearts were dancing, too. Mat + Tori’s Engagement Session at Phil Hardberger Park and Cowboy’s Dance Hall was certainly one I will NEVER forget!


We met at Cowboys Dancehall. Literally 3.4 seconds after I walked up to the dance floor, he was headed my way to ask me to dance. He was an AH-MAZING dancer. Throughout the night we kept going back and forth asking each other to dance until the end of the night when he asked for my number. 

He invited me out dancing the next night too. And while, in the past, I had always been hesitant to become “official” with a guy, it was totally different with Mat. I was ready a week after we met. 

I became even more grateful for his presence in my life when my mom passed away just six weeks into our relationship. Mathew was by my side, carrying me through, for 12 days straight and really ever since. 

The day he asked me to marry him we were supposed to be in Georgetown at an Airbnb with our 4 best friends. He wanted to propose that night all together. BUT COVID. So we were stuck in quarantine. That day we drove out to my mom’s gravesite and sat outside as we set out fresh flowers. Mat told me about how he’d like to come out here for all the big moments- pregnancy, babies, etc. – and share it with my mom. That night he strung up lights in the backyard and proposed there, in the same spot we’ll be getting married in just a few short months!