Bianca + Rudy’s Engagement Session in the King William District

A new honor has lifted my spirits beyond imagine! Remember Brianna + Juan’s Engagement Session at Confluence Park?! A quick CLICK HERE will hopefully jog your memory! 💕 Well…… Brianna has a sister, Bianca, and Bianca is engaged now!!!! I get to photograph Bianca and Rudy’s wedding coming up this December, so to prepare, we got to have a little fun downtown, practicing those poses! Of course, I’m convinced they needed no practice whatsoever – these two are complete naturals!!! And even though their schedules keep them apart most days, their friendship and love truly runs deep. I think my favorite part of the evening was watching Rodolfo’s face when Bianca had gotten in her second outfit. She was STUNNING in both, but that second Fashion Nova Amethyst dress was 😍. Rudy had the sweetest, most endearing look on his face as he knew she was ready for her runway walk moment in front of my lens. It was so cute when they arrived because I asked: “Is this your formal outfit?” and Bianca replied, “This is our casual outfit.” 😂 I can just imagine Bianca as a little girl, twirling in front of a mirror and asking for beautiful dresses and begging to wear makeup so she could play dress up. Now, she ACTUALLY gets to be the bride I can only imagine her dreams were consumed of as a small child. Bianca + Rudy’s Engagement Session in the King William District almost got canceled due to rain, but with Bianca’s optimism and our collective narrow schedules, we WENT FOR IT and aren’t you glad we did???! I will update with a story shortly of their love story… STAY TUNED!

Colors: Navy, Emerald + Amethyst
Bianca’s Outfits: from Fashion Nova
Rudy’s Outfits: From Men’s Wearhouse
Would you believe – Bianca did her OWN hair AND makeup!
THE RING: from Americus Diamond
Bianca’s Shoes: From Shoe Dazzle