Monica + Lee’s Wedding at the Pleasanton Country Club

In September of 2020 I had the honor of photographing Monica + Lee’s Engagement Session at Phil Hardberger Park. You can see their photos HERE!!! When they texted me last month and said they wanted me to photograph their wedding, I was overjoyed at the fun I knew we would have, and at the opportunity to take part in their perfect day! There is no mistaking the love these two have for each other – the only thing that I felt was missing was Loki + Finn – their beautiful, sweet dogs I got to meet at their engagement session. Even so, Monica + Lee’s Wedding at the Pleasanton Country Club was a day to remember. The perfect way to end my 2020 Weddings!

In the hustle + bustle of photographing details, capturing the ceremony space and watching Lee build in excitement for that aisle moment, I didn’t even notice Monica sneak in. The excited murmurs, growing giggles and trail of fun lead me straight to her… wide-eyed, all smiles, some tears, and ready to get things going. There was no mistaking the sentiment of what this day meant to her, her sisters, maid of honor, mom and friends. EVERYONE was giddy. After a few getting ready shots, we went straight into the first look with dad, and Monica barely took two steps before the waterworks began. Her dad was smiling from ear to ear as you’ll see as you scroll through, and he finished with a big thumbs up as if to show all the pride in his heart.

The Ceremony lasted just over 30 minutes. Their priest spoke of love, but not in all the normal ways. It was really fun to hear his take on marriage advice and the stories he told, especially the story of the elderly man and wife. The one where the wife builds on things they used to do as they sit in separate rocking chairs. “Remember when you used to sit by me?” “Remember when you used to rub my knee?” “Remember when you used to pull me in close?” The husband did all of these things as she reminded him. He wanted her to know he still feels that way about her. And then she says: “Remember when you used to nibble on my neck?” He gets up and goes into the house, hurting her feelings. She immediately says, “Where are you going?!” He responds by sharing that he needed to go and get his dentures. LOL. I loved that the ceremony was filled with tradition, but also lots of laughter. It really just set the tone for the entire day.

I cannot wait for you to scroll through the below images and have the privilege of living through this perfect day. This bond between Lee + Monica is the forever kind. You’ll see by the way they look at each other, the laughter they share and the friendship they have that forever is their future. Please enjoy their day as I did! You won’t want to miss the reception!