Neighbor Treasures – Mini Session

When my husband & I moved into our home in 2014, we had no idea that we were gaining a new family as well. These are our neighbors, the Dunns, and their generosity, hospitality, genuine care and cheery refrains were the first to welcome us home.  They brought goodies and smiles, stories and history, help offerings and open hearts.

You can imagine my excitement when I  had the honor of turning around and serving this amazing family through photography.  Each year, Kristine sets up the tripod and manages to capture a beautiful Christmas card photo year to year.  Though stressful at times with a family of six, I always LOVE receiving their creative and beautiful Christmas Cards! What a true joy it was, getting to take the stress off of Kristine’s plate and watch this family come to life, right before my lens.

From Kylie to Kennedy, to Karson and Konnor, each smile and laugh, pose (and not), I got a window into this family’s fun life together.  Each as an individual, having their own way and idea of fun, they seemed to mesh as one amazing unit of love and joy with an admiration for one another that only parents and siblings can hold.

As the session came to a close, I hear from behind me, “Mom, Dad.  You need a picture together! Come on! Get in there! Please???!” Since I thoroughly enjoy seeing mom and dad have a moment, I quickly put the kids to work to make Mom & Dad laugh and smile, creating a joyous moment they will cherish forever. Next Kerry jumped in with his plan to have a photo of just Kristine!  I loved seeing the hearts of this family overflowing with love for one another.  A family who has this much fun… let’s just say I’m glad they are my neighbor Treasures.

Hannah Charis