The Villareal Family at AHUMC

I’m so excited to introduce you to the Villareal Family!  Three couples.  Three beautiful children. Ten individuals wanting some lifetime memories for their walls.  It was a beautiful Fall day and a perfect way to kick off November in 2017! I parked around back near the childcare section at AHUMC, so all I could hear at the vacant facility were my heels click-clacking across the sidewalk. As I came closer to the front of the building, I heard chatter, laughter coos and “awe”‘s.  I was definitely headed in the right direction.  My heels clicked faster and clacked harder as I continued to build in excitement.

I shook hands with each family, said hello and introduced myself.  As I did that, a smile graced my lips.  I was looking at everyone, thinking how wonderful it is that they are all so close-knit, hearts filled with laughter, excited for each other, and ready for their future together as one big amazingly joyous family.  Each voice exchanged kind words, comedic thoughts and endearing tones.  I was thankful to be a part of this.

Each family created their own set of memories, their own genuine smiles and their own natural moments.  I especially loved taking some of the couples aside as they let me coach them into romantic moments which at times led to tearful laughter!  My cheeks seriously started to hurt by the end of the session.  Thank you, Villareal family, for your kindness and time spent with me.

Hannah Charis