Nicole and James Wedding at Milestone New Braunfels

Remember the Sunflowers? The Nature Center, the journey through a humid day in June and the epic lift kiss in the river? That was Nicole and James! Don’t forget to relive their story and how they met at Pappadeaux but their paths had crossed way before! And since they love to float the Comal river, it was so appropriate to have their engagement session near water! Taking it all back to where their relationship fun began, Nicole and James Wedding at Milestone New Braunfels was the perfect dream wedding for these two love birds. But not all was perfect…

When I arrived March 13th in the early afternoon to begin photographing the details, I immediately knew something was off. Word of the Corona Virus was spreading fear, caution, and a reality that things in the world were rapidly shifting. Texas was at the beginning of its COVID-19 reality and with many of my brides already postponing their wedding dates due to the virus, whispers in the bridal suite of guests canceling last minute and even the understood but sad circumstance that one of Nicole’s bridesmaids that couldn’t make it in from New York, being pregnant. I just knew Nicole had all the things circling around in her busy mind. The wedding she had planned was not the way she planned it, especially having a guest count go from 130 to around 80-90 guests. It just wouldn’t be the same.

As you entered later in the day, you have put me at ease. You made me forget about the craziness and made me feel very special, during a pandemic about to explode. As soon as you entered that afternoon, I forgot about the world and remembered that it is all about James and I. I felt so fortunate that I was able to have a wedding just in time, when other brides won’t be able to.


Nicole is so right. In the end, it just doesn’t matter about who shows up – it only matters about James and her committing themselves to one another. I’m so glad we were able to run through an absolutely smooth wedding day with plenty of time for capturing details, bridal party, a first touch and every ounce of the wedding day I played out in the magazine for them to read through. I’m so thankful for brides like Nicole – she had her details READY when I arrived, as did James!! James greeted me with a huge smile and introduced me to the bridesmaids and was so excited to get pictures started. Gricelda and I didn’t waste a MOMENT!!!

Hanging out with the girls was one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. They laughed SO MUCH and cried the perfect amount and made my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Everyone was so giving with generosity and words of kindness and sentiment. I loved watching how many letters were exchanged and gifts given – these women surrounding Nicole absolutely ADORE her! I especially loved watching Nicole with her mom, getting the details figured out about the wedding day and then sitting next to each other reading letters and crying the very next moment. Their relationship and the way the look at each other was so sweet and timeless. And D! How sweet it is that Nicole’s now mother in law just LOVES her and was a wonderful beam of light to watch, gracing everyone with her presence and helping in every way she could. Nicole is so blessed with these two motherly figures!

After the first look with her dad is when Nicole went up to the top of the balcony and James came out, eyes closed, to wait to have their first touch. The sparkle in Nicole’s eyes didn’t leave for the rest of the day! Y’all, she LIT UP and he didn’t even get to SEE her yet! James gently reached down to feel for his bride’s hand and as they interlocked, sparks flew. I love this idea of building even more anticipation to that aisle moment between two about to become one, and enhance it did. I watched Nicole as she tried to see James through the trees as she crossed the bridge, and I watched James as he stretched his neck as far as he could because he knew Nicole was on her way down with her dad. With a cathedral veil blowing in the sudden gusts of wind, Nicole was almost carried over to her man and given away with a sense of Pride. James was a winner in the eyes of Nicole’s father. As he said in his speech, although at first he didn’t approve because of his low paid job, but getting to know James has made him proud to welcome him into the family.

As much as her bridesmaids tried to help, the gusts of winds won the fight and Nicole spent the rest of her ceremony free from her veil pulling on her hair. Haha. The vows that were shared made me want to cry, they were heartfelt and true to them as a couple. Nicoles friends were dabbing tears while the groomsmen fought them back. We all witnessed and watched as their sweet officiant led them down the path they were meant to follow.

I hope you enjoy the images below as much as I enjoyed creating them… some through the blur of tears in my eyes. Congratulations, Nicole and James! I hope to be your forever photographer! Y’all are amazing!!!!!!