Krista And Leo’s Wedding Day!

Today was perfect. Like any wedding day, there’s sure to be something that goes wrong, okay, yes. But even with those few moments, Krista And Leo’s Wedding Day was absolutely perfect. Krista arrived first with her bridesmaids and mamma Saturday in perfect timing. Holy Spirit Catholic Church was quiet, peaceful and basking in the sun while the bridal party began settling in. A pianist was prepping the bridal room with beautiful piano sounds you could hear from down the hall while outside, Krista and her sweet family and friends were admiring her beauty and feeling the reality of the day set in. All the beaming, joyful noises of the getting ready crew could be heard echoing through the cathedral halls as Krista – in all her kindness and true giving heart – watched her bridesmaids, grandmas and mom open thoughtful gifts to cherish and remember this day for years to come.

My second shooter wrapped up taking photos of Leo, his dad and grandfather as well as his mama helping him get ready, and Gricelda was all smiles. This dynamic duo of Krista And Leo is truly infectious to where they spill their joy onto everyone around them. From the moment I met these two, I wanted to meet their families!! I thought to myself, if they are this incredible, I have to meet the people who made them because they must be through the roof amazing… and they ARE. I’ll get to more of that later, but you have to know as a reader from the outside looking in on this perfect day that Krista and Leo are made for each other in the truest sense. They are crazy-smart, they have the sweetest hearts, they are generous, kind, respectful, fun and I hope to stay friends with them forever. Anyway, when Gricelda (my second) came in – all smiles – I knew this day would just keep getting better and better… and it did.

First to grace the aisle was the priest, of course, and then to follow was Leo and his parents. I wish you could hear his giggles and feel the joy in the cathedral as Leo took his place at the altar. And then the doors were framed around Krista and her dad as they slowly made their way toward Leo. Mark with glistening, watery eyes, Leo wiping his tears before they fell, and Krista taking it all in, both sets of parents joined to embrace as Mark to that step of lifting Krista’s veil and handing her into the trusted left arm of Leo Lopez. The service proceeded and if you know a Catholic Mass, you know all the important moments that go into the hour. Krista and Leo’s involvement in the church is eminent as they listened intently to their priest, nodded in agreement, prayed with conviction, worshiped in song with abandon and were wrapped in rosary beads as the mass lead them to a promise of union and a life of selfless love, good choices in fellowship, consistency in church attendance and becoming one. It was a true honor to capture each moment, including communion and bringing flowers to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Each moment built a beautiful bridge for Krista and Leo to happily cross together into the next chapter of their lives. And I think marriage looks pretty darn good on them!

Following the limo after the mass was an adventure, but we made it to Live Oak Park’s lake for portrait time with about 15/20 minutes to capture the moments that Krista + Leo’s grandchildren will one day gaze upon and realize the love their legacy passed down. It was fast and furious, but we managed to capture these love birds in the golden hour with geese wandering, people out for walks and a day that couldn’t have better weather. Krista twirled, Leo admired, they walked and talked a little and we were able to capture a wonderful variety with three different spots at the park near the lake. Feeling rushed but unshaken by a few wedding details, their giggles and smiles made all the time crunch melt away and their true feelings for each other spilled out and made the back of my camera shine.

And then the reception. Y’all. This was the moment our wedding consult had me all excited about!!! There was SO much dancing, an overflow of laughter, an abundance of new memories made and a family that has so much fun that when you look through the reception images, it’s going to be hard not to have some SERIOUS F.O.M.O.! Next party I plan, I need to consult with the Rubio and Lopez families because, WOW. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night from all the smiling and laughing, and I had to remind myself that I was working because it sure didn’t feel like it! The hours we were at the reception went by so fast, and the sparkler exit came way too soon. What. A. Day.

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HMU: Glammed By KAT
The Dress: Designer: Ashley & Justin Bridal From: Impression Bridal
Florist: Jodi at HEB Blooms!
Cathedral: Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Reception: Schertz Civic Center
DJ: Power Sounds DJ
Cake: Meemo’s Bakery
Catering: Heavenly Gourmet
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen: Al’s Formalwear
5050 Photo Booth