Nupoor + Moheet’s Engagement Session in San Antonio, TX

Giddy. Honestly, I could sum up Nupoor + Moheet’s Engagement Session in San Antonio, TX with one word: Giddy. Every time I spoke with Nuppor in the planning process, EVERY giddy and excited and monkey covering eyes emoji jumped at me as she explained how excited she was to get dolled up for Moheet and have a photo session together. She could hardly wait and I could feel it in every message that hit my inbox! seeing them in person was no different, let me tell you!

While they will be having their wedding in January in India, I have had the BEST TIME photographing their love story, here in the states. We started off at Sunrise at the Japanese Tea Gardens (I have literally NEVER seen this place so EMPTY!) and after touring the quiet, peaceful, early sunrise for about an hour, we headed over to Denman Estate Park for some more PINK from Nupoor (Girl after my own heart), and a gorgeous venue, as always.

I encourage you to spot that giddy glimmer in Nupoor’s eyes when looking at or even thinking about Moheet throughout this session as she giggles and beams through every image. It’s so fun to watch young love, and I can’t believe I get to do this over and over again ALL THE TIME! I have to say, though, I think Nupoor beats all the ladies with how much excitement she has in even a tiny thought that she might get to lay eyes on her favorite person on the planet. Every glance induced a glimmer. Every moment touched her heart. These two are in love. Scroll to see!!!!