Zac + Molly’s Engagement Session at Landa Library

Finally time to blog Zac + Molly’s Engagement Session at Landa Library!!!!! Sitting here in my comfy chair, staring at literally hundreds of images from this one session, sipping my coffee and listening to rain fall outside, the joy in my heart has me feeling warm and fuzzy. When I arrived at Landa Library, I realized how long it had been since I shot here. Too long, I realized very quickly. Too, too long. Slowly walking around the perimeter with my cameras on my person and my wagon in tow, my light-chasing eyes wandered excitedly at all the possibilities, the frame work naturally growing around the incredible, old structure, and the beautiful, blue sky and golden Sun peeking through the ancient trees. There was no other place I would’ve rather been.

Of course I waited by my favorite spot for them to arrive: The bamboo wall! It has been my favorite ever since my sister-in-law’s wedding and doing her bridal portraits there: PERFECTION! Being the Molly I adore, she and Zac showed up punctually and we gunned it for the bamboo wall before other cars decided to park in front of it. The lift shots were some of my FAVORITES of the night! You just can’t beat a view like this. Not to mention, from head to toe, Zac and Molly were wonderful students… they nailed every pose, every silly instruction, and they were the BEST sports! You don’t realize it by scrolling through photos – but it’s hard work being a model!! It takes concentration, commitment, a happy refrain and sometimes some flexibility… but most of all, it takes TRUST. Feeling thankful that Zac and Molly trusted me with their memories… It seriously has me waiting on the edge of my seat for June to come so I can capture their San Fernando Cathedral wedding downtown and the Omni La Mansión Del Rio reception to follow!

Check out their beautiful journey of finding each other:

How They Met

“We met through the online dating app, Bumble. Shortly after Zac and I matched on Bumble we started talking and after a few days of chatting it seemed like we had a lot in common and would really get along so Zac asked if I would be comfortable sharing my phone number and I did. The next day Zac called and asked me out on a date (we were both living in the Washington, DC area at the time- me for work and Zac for school.) For our first date, which Zac planned, we met in Georgetown on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in December, went for a walk down by the waterfront, then we had a reservation at Pinstripes, a bowling and bocce ball alley, to bowl. Lucky for me, Zac was willing to overlook my lack of bowling skills and still go to dinner. After dinner neither of us were ready for the date to end so we went to get a glass of wine. After sitting in the restaurant talking for another hour, we decided it was time to go. From that day on, we talked on the phone and texted any chance we had. The following Friday Zac got us tickets to see the Nutcracker and go to dinner. After that there were dates to get pizza, have coffee, venture to the mall in the middle of December to buy matching turtlenecks to wear under ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to a friend’s Christmas party, and before we knew it we had been dating for about three weeks and on December 19, 2017 before we were about to go to dinner with Zac’s good friend and his wife, Zac asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes! Just two weeks after we became boyfriend and girlfriend, we found out Zac matched for his residency and would be moving to Texas in June. We agreed to continue dating intentionally and by late January we knew I’d be moving to Texas too! From there the rest is history, Zac is my best friend and the love of my life.”

[It probably sounds risky and completely insane when people read this timeline, but I assure you we are two of the most logical and reserved people you will meet, but it just goes to show there is no perfect timeline, everyone is different.] 

The Proposal

“Zac proposed on August 10, 2019. My birthday is August 10th and I had asked that we start the day with an early morning run- the plan was to leave at 6:45 AM, but at 5:30 AM he got up, told me to stay in bed and he would be right back. A few minutes later he came back into our room with a tray covered in flowers and a box in the middle, he set the tray down on the bed, took the box and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Again, I said yes J! I am very much a morning person and we are both very private people, so first thing in the morning, at home, just us and the dog could not have been a more perfect way for him to propose!”

Amazing Vendors to be Recognized!!!
•Molly’s Dress – Gal Meets Glam from Nordstrom and Shoes are from INC from Macy’s
•Molly’s Second outfit is from J. Crew and boots from Frye “Bruce Pull-on”
•Zac’s suit is Bar III at Macy’s and Shoes are Aston Grey Collection
•Zac’s second outfit is from Ralph Lauren (Shirt) and J. Crew (Jeans) and boots from Frye “Bruce Pull-on”
•Molly’s hair was done by Teresa Marez from Shag the Salon
•Molly’s makeup was done by Ashley Amos at Blush!
•THE RING is Vrai & Oro