Phil and Melissa’s Family Photos at Walker Ranch Park

Meeting new families, making new memories, and having fun: basically my job description. Let me just say, the Howell family made my job EASY! Gaven and Logan were b-o-y’s that were hilariously playful, incredibly kind and helpful, and loved to show me their “smolder” haha. Sure, it was over 100 degrees outside, but it didn’t phase them at all! They made me laugh pretty hard multiple times as we walked around Walker Ranch Park, stopping here and there for photo opps… Getting to know both of them was a treasure and I’m so thankful to Melissa for having me out, if only to hang out with these two gentlemen. Phil and Melissa’s Family Photos at Walker Ranch Park were, needless to say, a huge highlight to my weekend.

So what about gentleman #3? Phil – well, let’s be honest here, raise your hand if you are a man who LOVES family picture day?? Anyone? No? Hmmm, well, if that’s the case with Phil, he could have fooled me! He laughed, smiled, interacted with Melissa like it was date night, and posed into position like a pro! He also got Logan and Gaven to smile and laugh many times which I’m always thankful for!! =) I was truly impressed with the positivity, the joy, the playfulness and the fun. ┬áIt was an honor watching this family as a whole interact with one another.

As for Melissa, just take a look at her! She was beaming with joy the entire session, she’s outnumbered by boys/men, and she had complete poise, beauty, happiness, and love throughout the 2 hours. I loved watching how she looked at Phil and the way she interacted with her boys. I’m definitely taking notes for my next photo session! A dream family to work with and a beautiful location. Thank you, Phil! Thank you Melissa! And thank you, boys, for a wonderful Sunday together!! =)

~Hannah Charis