Dulce & Angel’s Maternity Photos at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio

This year June started off with a dreamy, classy, beautiful beginning.  I’m still pinching myself that I get to know this phenomenal couple and have gotten to share in there wedding photos, their maternity photos, and soon to be their newborn photos!!! Dulce & Angel’s maternity photos at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio, TX went as amazing as a 103 degree evening can go! Haha. I must say I was impressed with this trio as they rocked it in the heat! There was an occasional light breeze, which helped – both from the wind and my reflector, haha – my new job: Fan Lady! 😉 I love to serve and I love to make my clients happy, and I truly enjoyed creating some magic, even on a day as hot as this.

Angel’s countenance and demeanor through the entire session was AMAZING. He was helping with Miguel, taking him on tiny adventures while I photographed Dulce, and he was upbeat, up for the “heat challenge” and smiling the whole evening, ear to ear! He seemed so genuinely excited about Alexander coming soon, and it showed through every ounce of what he did. I loved watching him look at Dulce with admiration, gushy love, and joy to the core.  He adores her.

Dulce – well, just look at that beauty!!! She came prepared with two GORGEOUS outfits and that HAT!  I had so much fun playing around with hat angles and dress swishes and sweet, soft moments that make me want to get pregnant again (I take it back, I’m done at 4!). Dulce literally glowed (it’s a thing, folks!) through this entire session, and it wasn’t just the backlight!! Her eyes were sparkling, her gazes at Angel were genuine, gentle and loving, and every look at her son, Miguel was priceless.  She is such a good mamma, she is gentle and sweet, and she made the back of my camera look GOOD!

My favorite part of the session had to be interacting with Miguel, though – sorry Dulce & Angel!!  He made me laugh so HARD! Not only was this kid absolute perfection throughout 2 full hours in the HEAT, but he LOVED kissing his mommy’s belly. He’s going to be the best big brother!! There was a moment when he was kissing Alexander (baby bump) and I said to him, “Miguel, now look at me!!” With just his adorable, brown eyes, he looked right at me while keeping those lips on Brother! HAHAHA Best part of the session – You’ll see in the gallery below that exact moment – Angel is laughing, too! <3

Thank You, Dulce & Angel, for letting me capture even more of your beautiful family Saturday! I love y’all!!!