San Antonio Family Bluebonnet Photos – 2018

Oh, how I love Bluebonnet season! As you know, we have 3 Seasons in San Antonio, TX: Summer, Winter & Bluebonnet. This year, the San Antonio Family Bluebonnet Photos – 2018 went AMAZING! I met so many new, incredible individuals & even some friends for life. I also had the pleasure of photographing a fellow photographer, a makeup artist, a dentist, and even a beautiful young lady with her Quinceanera coming up!!! It was truly a joy, getting to talk to, laugh with and photograph these remarkable clients.

Dividing up the days into 3 different days/weeks seemed like the best thing to do.  Due to all the cold fronts, snow, and crazy weather, it seemed as though the Bluebonnets waited just a little longer to bloom, so we started Sunday, March 25, a second set of sessions on Friday, March 30th, and the last set of minis on Sunday, March 31st! Let’s not forget the Maternity session on March 31st in the early morning with the famous Jake Lawrence! (Stay tuned for their blog)

I just want to send a personal thank you to each and every one of you who came out, made me laugh, smiled beautifully, and helped me achieve a successful Bluebonnet Season! My favorite, though, -I have to say- was the kiddos.  They are always full of so much life, spunk, personality, optimism, strength, joy and fun! They made me laugh REALLY hard and made me smile ear to ear throughout each afternoon…. and again while editing!! Haha. Thank you – thank you!!!!

~Hannah Charis