Ever Dream Kingma – Austin Newborn Session

Since I was a little girl, I have known Tiffany.  She has always been kind, sweet-natured, strong, loving and faith-filled.  Getting to see her family grow on facebook has been a gift and a treasure. She and Jeff have 5 beautiful children: Evening, Ocean, North & Gray… and now introducing Ever Dream!! Getting to meet Ever was wonderful! She was so peaceful the whole time, slept a bunch, loved being wrapped up, and enjoyed her family’s voices.  And you would think, being in a house with a family of 7, that it would be noisy, active, and maybe even a bit chaotic (my house is, and I only have 4 kids!). Well, this was not the case at the Kingma residence… their house was filled with peace, quiet, soft voices and loving smiles. It was amazing!!!

The first three hours I was there, Tiffany hung out by me as well as Jeff who was a great help with the heater and props (thank you!). Tiffany combed through the “goody box” with head bands, outfits and wraps and chose her favorites… <3 all her choices! One thing I noticed right away as you see in one of the first frames below, is that Ever wanted her right hand up most of the time… I asked if she had her hand up during birth, and she said “yes, she did!”.  Ever is 5 of 5 breech, home-birth babies with a rock-star, super human mamma! I love hearing the birth stories!!! So, all that to say, you’ll notice that Ever chose to keep her hand out of the wrap as this was still most comfortable to her.

Transitioning wrap techniques were a lot of fun with Ever because she remained so calm and peaceful. I loved getting to capture her little toes and angelic face, and I enjoyed getting to set up different props and backdrops in between.  Ever really is a dream and she exudes the invitation to dream with her… If you haven’t yet, PLEASE read the blog Tiffany posted revealing why they chose to name her Ever Dream. Tiffany is a talented writer and I can’t wait for you to read this… TIFFANY’S BLOG.  This Austin Newborn Session was one of my favorites so far… I hope to see the Kingmas again soon! Maybe this Summer! =)

~Hannah Charis