Sarah + Jonathan’s Engagement Session in Fredericksburg

Cheers to Jonathan + Sarah! It’s wedding bells this month and I cannot be more happy for them! The sweet, kindness you see in their eyes is absolutely genuine. It’s pretty amazing, witnessing a love like theirs, quiet + strong, joyful + meek, completely and authentically beautiful. Sarah + Jonathan’s Engagement Session in Fredericksburg was quite the memorable adventure! With butterflies gracing us with their constant, ethereal flutters, the sky raining down gold, and the surroundings commanding a smile, we floated through the gardens with happiness painted across our faces. Truly a magical afternoon.


I’m the military, in Austin, TX. Our first date was at the movie theater! Flix Brewhouse; we make it a point to go every Wednesday. On our one year anniversary of our first date he took me back to the same theaters, and we ordered the same food 🥰


In the middle of our new build, (almost) finished house! His original plan was to propose at a house warming party with family (I was gone for training for two months in the summer). But since our house kept getting pushed back further and further (and further lol) he proposed when we went to go check on the building progress on Aug 3rd. 

White dress- Macy’s 

Jonathan- uniform and mens wearhouse 

The Ring – Griffin Jewelery in McKinney, TX 

Shoes – Lulus