Chelsea + Michael’s Engagement Session at the Historic Pearl

Come take a ride with me through the magical, Historic Pearl as Chelsea + Michael owned the streets and bridges with their effortless love for each other. It’s couples like these that make my heart soar with joy and passion for what I do. They laugh easy, love hard, and care enormously, so peaking through my viewfinder and focusing on each blissful moment made for click after click of perfection. And let’s not forget the wardrobe of excellence!!! I immediately dropped my jaw at the sight of these wonderful humans gliding toward me, ready for the practice poses the prepare them for their epic wedding sunset portraits!! Chelsea + Michael’s Engagement Session at the Historic Pearl made my week!


My work FIS contracted Michael from Miami to help start up a new department of the company. His contract was for three months. We started dating the third week he was in San Antonio. We first met on a night out with coworkers. Michael introduced himself to me and we seemed to hit it off, but we didn’t exchange numbers. After meeting each other, we happened to run into each other at work frequently. One of those days I decided to give my number to him. It was nerve racking to me because I never gave my number to someone who did not ask for it. Lol. We texted that night and made plans for a date the following day. We dated almost every day after that. And after Michaels contract was up, he accepted a permanent position with the department he was contracted for. After he got an apartment, he asked me to move in. After the second time he asked me to move in I did. He was the first person I moved in with and it was just comfortable and felt right. We never had the boyfriend girlfriend talk. 


The joke was every Christmas Michael gave me jewelry in small ring sized boxes and I always thought it was “the ring”. He never led me to believe it was the ring, but I always hoped it was. Lol. This Christmas eve, 2020(we’ve been engaged two years now), he gave me a medium sized box present and within that box was several boxes with a small ring sized box at the center. Mike likes to play jokes, so I still didn’t think it was “the ring” box. Michael got on his knee as I opened my box. When I opened the box and saw the ring he said, “will you?”. And I said Yes! We were both nervous and emotional as my family watched in shock and glee the whole time. My family thought it was never going to happen. Lol

Lace Dess – Dillard’s

Shoes/heels- Marshalls

Casual dress and sweeper cardigan- Kohl’s

Flower earrings – TJ Max 

Express suit. J.Crew shirt. Goodfellow tie. Clark’s Desert boot. 

Polo shirt – Dillard’s. , Nike– Air Jordan 3 JTH

The ring is from Helzberg