Sylvanna + Michael’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl

Happy New Year!!! I am overjoyed to have met these two love birds and get to photograph their wedding NEXT MONTH! I hope the images help you feel as though you were there because Sylvanna + Michael’s Engagement Session at the Historic pearl was Dreamy, Elegant, FUN, Adventurous, and just simply stunning. Both working in the field of medicine, these two brainiacs have an undeniable “chemistry” between them! (the puns just never get old for me – no apologies here! 😂🥂) But seriously, I loved getting to watch them as I directed them to look toward one another and their smiles naturally grew, their endearment and adoration for each other spilled out with ease as if to be already overflowing, and they – even when hunger sat in toward the end – never broke their gazes and loving, kind, gentle smiles and dispositions. Not to mention, I feel I owe them a special THANK YOU for putting up with my crazy ideas! They literally walked out on a ledge for me! 😉 They really did make this session EPIC.

Syl + Michael met while working together at a clinic in Wonderland Mall starting January 4th, 2021. Michael was the lead pharmacist and Sylvanna was the Operations Manager in charge of the clinic. Michael and Sylvanna hit it off pretty quickly and ended up deciding to go on their first date to Rebecca Creek Distillery! After dating some and realizing he had found someone truly special, Michael decided to ask Sylvanna to be his girlfriend while on a dinner date in Boerne at the perfect place: Peggy’s on the Green! Of course, Sylvanna said yes for the second time. Because timing is everything, later that year, Sylvanna’s parents came to town, so Michael made a plan. He wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, so when they arrived at Tapatio Spring Hill Country Resort, he decided to make his move, there in front of her parents where Sylvanna said yes for the 3rd time!

I can’t wait for you to get to see our time together at the Historic Pearl! Their outfits are from Dillards, Hair done by Morgan + Makeup done by Jax Roberson of Jax Studio! And don’t forget that bling! Michael got the ring from Diamonds Direct!