Georgeanne + Ara’s Engagement Session at the Cibolo Nature Center

In a word? Sorry – can’t. Must use ALL the words! This session was memorable, fun, classy, peaceful and all around wonderful! Georgeanne and Ara’s gazes at each other, their sweet communication, their obvious high regard for one another and their willingness to dip their toe in and trust where I lead them made this session what it was: PERFECT! Hey, there’s a word! haha. Seriously, I cannot say enough good these about these remarkable humans. By looking through the images from Georgeanne + Ara’s Engagement Session at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX, I hope you get to see what I experienced from creek to marsh and all things in between. And I cannot wait for you to hear their story! …The perfect match!

 “Ara and I met in college at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. We were both officers in our local American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) organization and met at the first ACCP meeting of the year.

 Ara and I had been dating for about two months when I heard him call me his girlfriend to a mutual friend. I asked him “When did I become your girlfriend?” He told me a few months ago when we had started seeing each other duh. I said if we don’t know the exact date how do we know when our anniversary is. We decided that that day would be our ‘official’ anniversary. 04/24/2018.” ~Georgeanne


I will start this story off by saying I am not a fan of surprises and am a self-diagnosed poor gift receiver. I prefer to be in the know about whats going on lol. I was very straight forward with Ara about the style of ring I like and we had talked about a wedding timeline long before our engagement. Despite all that Ara still managed to plan a perfect proposal with a small touch of surprise.

   The week of our engagement Ara informed me we were going out to a nice dinner on Thursday and I should wear my favorite outfit. I fully expected what was to come. I even messaged my best friend and said “I’m getting engaged on Thursday”. When I left my moms house for dinner that night I asked “Does this outfit look good enough for an engagement announcement?”.

    So Ara and I went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant in St. Louis. To my surprise the appetizer, meal, and dessert all came and went with no interruptions. I left the restaurant still a single woman in my tax bracket and thought maybe I had really completely misinterpreted our dinner plans. After dinner we started heading to Ara’s parents house, This was always a part of the plan I had just assumed it was for post engagement hugs.    

    As we neared his parents house Ara stopped at a small local park and asked if I wanted to walk around (this is something we don all the time). And that park is where my best friend asked me to marry him with the exact style of ring I loved. He had arranged for a photographer to hang out at the park who captured the moment he proposed. He brought it up very casually as I was talking about the earrings I was wearing. He said, “speaking of accessories I thought you might need one more” and got down on one knee.

   Weeks into the future I confessed to Ara that I had been caught of guard when I didn’t leave our Thursday night dinner as a fiance. He said “I knew you were expecting it, but I still wanted the moment to be a surprise. I figured if I planned something we don’t normally do like a fancy dinner you would be prepared and be less stressed about the impending engagement. After that I knew I could surprise you by doing something like to do like going to a walk in the park.” What a thoughtful guy I have.

*Outfits: Every article of clothing Georgeanne wore was from her favorite store, Madewell!! & BONUS! All healthcare workers get a discount! Ara’s clothes are from Ralph Lauren + Vans
The Ring: a small family owned jeweler in Charlottesville Virginia. Ara completed his second year of residency at UVA hospital.