The Brack Wedding

Hillary Freeman and Travis Brack met when Hillary popped up as Travis’ first match on Tinder. He asked her on a date to the San Antonio Riverwalk where they met and went to The Worm (closed down now) as well as walking around the San Fernando Cathedral, downtown.  They’ve been in love since August of 2014, so as you can imagine their wedding day has been long awaited.

In September of 2017, their engagement included a trip to Fredericksburg Winery and the hope of a proposal on top of Enchanted Rock. I say hope because due to rain, Travis decided to call off the proposal. Hillary, being a wonderful, caring, attentive and intelligent individual, suspected Travis’ disappointment and figured out what was going on. This was not going to ruin their special new chapter in life… Hillary came up with a suggestion for Travis to have her go off alone and he can set up the room with flower pedals and candles.  Something simple would do. Travis wasn’t having it so he made it clear in a gentle way that this proposal would not happen this trip and that he needed some time alone to change his mood and still have a phenomenal trip. So he sent Hillary off to get pampered and have some fun, and oddly enough, to her surprise, Travis had a rose bouquet, flower pedals everywhere and candles scattered throughout the room. He pulled it off! She truly thought he had canceled the proposal, yet there he was, sharing his heart and pleading with his eyes for a “Yes”! Let the wedding planning begin! She said YES!

Church – Check! First United Methodist Church in Boerne, TX.
Venue – Check! Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX.
Planner – Check! Hannah with Ovation Coordination.

PHOTOGRAPHER! I’m so thankful Travis and Hillary sat down with me and had a consult to go over their wedding day in detail and start preparing. It’s a beautiful time for me to get to know the bride and groom and hear all about their love and excitement for each other. These two (first impression) are best friends!! Hillary lights up around Travis and vise versa. What an incredible energy to be around! Of course, we planned their engagement session which you can view images from that blog HERE, and we exchanged info for further communication.

Fast forward to TODAY! The Wedding Day! Oh my goodness!!!!!! I arrived on site at “John’s Place”, an air bnb, and the property was PERFECT! Huge lake, beautiful trees, window light indoors and incredible company. Hillary was getting ready and her friends & sister were laughing while helping put flowers together and prepare for this big day. Kathryn, MOB, showed em around to the different gorgeous areas of the land, and I stepped right into photographer dreamland. Not only was the “getting ready venue” perfect, but the overcast day made for a dreamy, glow light during first look photo time!!! I told Kathryn right then and there, Jesus loves your daughter so much! She knew what I meant because just days before, the forecast showed 80% chance of RAIN! ALL DAY! No rain, though. Not on Hillary’s parade!

Throughout the day, moments that were tender and sweet kept weaving their way into an already perfect day. The first look was the start of it where we witnessed the true excitement of seeing each other for the first time. We, the photographers, disappeared from their sight as well as their videographer and Kathryn (MOB). Their eyes locked and the world blurred as they exchanged notes, joined in laughter, shared a kiss or three and embraced one another as if to soak the entire day into one single moment.

Having a first look with dad made my heart melt to the floor as Lance (FOB) saw Hillary in her dress for the first time. His expression implied wonder, awe, flashbacks and endearment. He was almost speechless. His daughter was grown. His baby girl is getting married. A piece of his heart is being entrusted to another man. But her beauty. All of that seems to fade at the site of this beautiful woman standing before him. This moment would stay with Lance forever.

The ceremony went as planned as Hillary and Travis engaged in the beautiful traditions of marriage. I love that they each vowed to hold true to a date night once a week (my husband & I do that!!!) and to maintain the fun, especially when kids enter the picture. Their vows were genuine, their looks were lost in each other, and their friends and family witnessed it all. Folks, it was beautiful!

Even the reception held off the rain as Travis and Hillary put an end to cocktail hour and got the real party started! The details were all Hillary’s Brain child as she came up with DIY centerpieces and creative activities!! Lance prayed and welcomed them as they gathered to eat and then enter into Husband & Wife portraits! (My favorite!!!) There is just something different in their eyes during sunset portraits. Something that says Commitment, Devotion, Satisfaction and Eager. Their eyes sparkle more, their embrace is tighter and their smiles grin bigger. And that’s exactly how it was with Hillary & Travis.

I hope you enjoy the images from The Brack Wedding. Scroll to the bottom for their AMAZING Paper Airplane Sendoff!!!!

~Hannah Charis