The Robinson And Yazdani Families

Privileged, honored and blessed are only a few ways to describe how I felt to have had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful families at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa over the weekend! It was supposed to rain and was crazy-overcast, but the rain held off and we had a blast! With celebrating Sienna’s 13th birthday and Mauni’s 40th, it was a session much needed! And check out Sienna’s dress! Does that come in my size?? Riley, just a year older than Sienna, was a complete gentleman and so accommodating with photos and posing, and I had a wonderful time with Mason as he “Fortnite Danced” his way through the evening! Haha. Of course, Sigh & Michael were a pleasure to work with and have done an incredible job raising these three children. I loved seeing them enjoy each other and laugh a lot. I feel like I say this every journal entry, but it never gets old… I LOVE MY JOB!

When the San Antonio family arrived (Mauni, Amy and their 3 littles), and also Vida & Ali – Mauni & Saghi’s parents – life and excitement permeated the air as Kyra & Coen explored and loved the outdoors and Jaylen had his buddy, Mason, to hang with. The family was together, and I can only imagine the fun they have when there is no camera in their face. Haha. While life tends to be a little more fast-pace and crazy with kiddos 6 & under, Mauni & Amy remained peaceful and collected while hearing their three into my shot and posing perfectly. I loved getting to capture images with the grandparents, the “all guys” shot and the “all girls”. I didn’t want to leave the session and hope to get the opportunity to photograph these families again. 6 kids + 6 adults = worth every second! I hope you enjoy just a few of the images captured at the GORGEOUS JW Marriott!!!!

~Hannah Charis