Theo Dustin Smith

Theo Dustin Smith was born to the family of Anna (mom), Tom (dad) and Caleb (big brother) July 29th, 2019. Every bit adorable at 8lbs and 20.5″, and pleased by the sounds, smells and sight of his perfect family, Leo gave the perfect mixture of awake/asleep at his newborn session in Bulverde, TX. It was so precious to see the love of Big brother, Caleb as he kissed his sweet brother and played in the field so happy to be with his family.

I remember the first time we loaded up the kids after having Jacob (second boy) and I said, “Hey Ben, can you get the BOYS loaded in the car please?” BOYS. It sounded so wonderful to say, and when Tom and Anna pulled up in the car, I wondered what that must have been like for them, too. Of course, Anna’s smile said it all throughout the session as she lit the field with her love and adoration for her family of 4. Life must seem like a beautiful dream – of course this super-mama is a tough cookie as she just had a C-section and then 5 days later is out in a field with cacti, getting her photo taken! #rockstarmom!

How Theo Got His Name

I read a book that had a main character named Theo and I liked the name then but wasn’t set on it, then a few months later after we had discussed numerous baby names we both decided we actually really loved the name Theo. Dustin is my husband’s middle name. My FIL’s initials are TDS, as are my husbands, and now one of our sons! 

Anna Smith

I hope you enjoy these photos with highlights of our time together!! Can’t wait to deliver the full gallery!!!