Travis & Hillary’s Engagement Session – Cibolo Nature Center

Where are you at this very moment? Home at your computer? Maybe on a tablet or smartphone? Perhaps you just finished chatting with your bf/fiance/husband or someone you like? Is Tinder up on your phone or a different dating app? If so, keep hoping and dreaming because that is how Travis met Hillary! In this case, Hillary was the first woman he saw on Tinder and his first match! This app knew love at first sight, and with his heart on the line, Travis took the leap and asked Hillary on their first date in August of 2014. Spoiler! Her first of 3 yeses. =) They went to the Riverwalk, The Worm, walked around San Fernando and so their beautiful story began as Hillary Freeman and Travis Brack.

On an incredibly rainy day in September of 2017, Travis and Hillary were at the Fredericksberg wineries. As Texas weather would have it, rain was not supposed to be in the forecast… but it happened to rain on their scheduled trip to Enchanted Rock where Travis had planned the “perfect” proposal. Little did he know, Hillary was overjoyed when plans changed and he sent her to get pampered before meeting her at the hotel with a beautiful rose bouquet, a smattering of flower pedals everywhere and romantic candles, lit to create the perfect ambience. September of 2017 was a special day for Travis and Hillary, and I’m happy to say that her 2nd YES has lead us all the way here to Travis & Hillary’s engagement session – Cibolo Nature Center. September 8 is just around the corner and I’ll have the honor to capture this beautiful bride on her wedding day!

Their engagement session revealed something to me that was impactful. This couple’s love for each other has a deep, inspiring best-friend feel. Watching travis look at Hillary, his eyes showed kindness, care, joy, love and friendship. When Hillary and Travis caught eyes, you could see the devotion and passion, happiness and harmony between them. Hillary’s eyes were filled with delight, respect, affection and giggles. Thankful for the breeze as we walked along, Travis and Hillary had no opposition to my directions. They gave my camera an easy job with their honesty in affection, love and friendship. Zeek’s eyes??? Well, I’m pretty sure he just kept hearing water and wanted to go THERE. So his eyes were filled with a mission. Haha. The Pointer in him sure came out, and I LOVED capturing the three of them together. =) I hope you enjoy scrolling through this session as much as I enjoyed editing and creating. My heart is certainly full today.

~Hannah Charis