Indy and Christy’s Engagement at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a dream that you didn’t want to get out of? A joyful dream with amazing moments always around the corner? A feel-good, “could this be real?!” dream that makes you feel like you just finished your first cup of coffee or even BETTER? That was this session for me and all the days leading up to this session. Indy and Christy’s Engagement at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX had me feeling like all is well with the world, with my life, with – well – everything! Indy & Christy’s love has a way of flying you off to dream land and inspiring you to come back to the real world with an ambition to love well, love all and just have fun.  Their love is so powerful that I went home and tears started rolling down my face, and this overflow of my heart began to drop in my lap. I thought long and hard about my life, how I love, and what I could do to improve.  THAT, Friends, is the power of this couple’s love for each other.  It’s REAL.

Wait – you thought their love stopped there??! Nope! You should see how they interact with perfect strangers (ME)! The first time I met Christy all the way to now she has been an encourager, an organized friend and an incredibly thoughtful communicator. At our wedding consult it seemed she only was thinking about others i.e. potentially stopping the wedding early for those who can’t see well at night, making the experience pleasant for her friends and family, and making her mom happy with the way I will be executing the photography portion of the wedding.  THOUGHTFUL to the MAX! I can’t say enough how elated I am that she contacted me!

As the first session I’ve ever done with a bicycle, I’m pretty sure Christy & Indy were more pros than me! They got in there, sat and posed perfectly with minimal coaching, Christy giggled and even belly laughed a few times, and she ROCKED that flower crown like it was 2018! 😉 They continuously whispered to each other and made each other laugh, they were playful, and even in the TX heat, they made the back of my camera look like they were on their first date. The way Christy lights up any location she steps into, you would think I had my eyes on her the whole time, just beaming from the joy she exudes. But like 10% of a wedding, I was watching Indy. Every glance Christy’s way, every smile when he got close to her and every playful move or whisper made was in admiration, love, bliss and happiness. From the way I could see things, he absolutely adores his soon-to-be bride, and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity of capturing this wedding in 2019. Honored is an understatement.

Stay tuned for their wedding at the end of March! I’ll be blogging just a couple short weeks after! You’ll get to learn all about how they met, their engagement, their wedding and all the fun in between! Get ready for a love story you’ll want to re-tell!

~Hannah Charis