Amanda + Christian’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl

Seeing Christian and Amanda, walking in the distance toward Hotel Emma, I couldn’t help but think, “I hope that’s them! They are dressed so perfectly and look like they are completely in love!” I packed my wagon and readied my equipment, and soon saw this incredible, bubbly couple fast approaching. It WAS them! Ready and excited to capture the beauty in nature and urban vibe that the Historic Pearl had to offer in conjunction with their undying love for one another. I think we succeeded! With their wedding less than a month away, their smiles, glances, conversation and pep reveals the growing excitement of getting ready for May 1st to finally be here! Hanging out with these two for 2 hours was the highlight of my week… I cannot WAIT for their wedding! Before you look through the photos of Amanda + Christian’s Engagement Session at The Historic Pearl, check out their STORY!

“On August 22, 2016, my life changed forever. It was my first day staffing a retreat called “Connect” for students at Texas A&M, who attend St. Mary’s. With the help of my partner, we were assigned a group of 7 college students to be in our “family”. Among this group was Christian Siewert. This was the day I met my future husband. Over the months and years to follow the retreat, our “Connect Family” grew very close. Sabrina & I became best friends. Somehow, she and I taunted Christian enough until it ultimately led to the best friend trio of Christian, Sabrina & I. From study sessions, late night car rides, and lots of Domino’s Pizza, we all had the best times.

I don’t think anyone can confirm the day that Christian & I stopped being “just friends”. Through our friendship, I had started falling very quickly for him. He was truly the most fun-loving, positive, and selfless man I had ever met. Something about his personality was magnetic and continually drew me towards him. Before Christmas break, in 2017, I had briefly hinted to him that I was interested in dating him. He subtly hinted back that he was not interested in dating anyone. However, each night over Christmas break, I got a phone call from Christian just chatting about his days and wishing me a goodnight.

Sometime during January of 2018, things changed. He started offering to give me rides to go hang out with Sabrina, get food together, and other little one-on-one adventures. My suspicions that something had changed were confirmed on Ash Wednesday of 2018, which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day. He offered to take me to church. When I opened the door to walk to his truck, he set up the sweetest Valentines gift. From this moment forward, I spent each day of my life with Christian Siewert as my better half, loving him more and more every day.

On February 8, 2020 Christian proposed to me in the most incredible way. With the help of some of our best friends, Christian set up the perfect spot in the Gardens on West Campus at Texas A&M. Our friends spent the whole afternoon getting the lights strung up and making sure the plan was set in place and to help hide & capture the priceless moment. I spent that day studying for an exam with Christian so I could throw a surprise party for our friend’s birthday that evening (a decoy set up to distract me from the events unfolding that evening). Despite me changing plans & deciding to go to 5pm mass that Saturday, which Christian said seemed like the longest mass of his entire life, he was still able to flawlessly keep everything concealed. After church, when we were supposed to be going to the “birthday dinner”, we took a small detour to “help a friend with their car” on West Campus. When we arrived, Christian smiled at me and asked to go take a walk. I was genuinely so confused! He took my hand and we started walking towards the Gardens. On the walk, I started to catch on and teared up as he told me about his favorite memories of us, what he loves about me, and how he couldn’t wait for our future. He then led me to the beautiful area he had arranged. Under the twinkling string lights, my best friend asked me to marry him and I said YES!”