Sandra + Adam’s Engagement Session at the Historic Pearl

Let’s hear a HUGE congratulations for Sandra + Adam! 🥂 They’re ENGAGED! As I mentioned on instagram, these two are a HOOT! I loved to watch Sandra light up as Adam made her laugh time and time again during the session… April fast approaching, the weather was nothing short of perfect, the water on the river glistened like a dance around the bridge and water feature, the entire place was buzzing with people. It was the perfect place to waltz around and capture the love of this Bumble couple. I cannot WAIT for you to read the story surrounding the journey up until Sandra + Adam’s Engagement Session at the Historic Pearl!

“We met on Bumble! He mentioned in his bio that he was Polish, which piqued my interest since I was born and raised in Poland. I was living on the NW side of San Antonio and Adam was living in San Marcos so the chance of us matching was pretty low, I think. I had my radius on the app set to 25 miles but happened to be cat-sitting on the NE side when swiping while Adam was at work in Seguin, which put us both within my radius limit. We went on our first date on December 5th, 2017 about a week after matching and we went to a draft beer bar called The Corner on Culebra Rd. I always joke that I was hoping our first date wouldn’t go well because I didn’t want to give my parents the satisfaction of me dating a Polish guy, and here we are 3.5 years later. 

We were “talking” for about 6 weeks before making it official. During that time Adam kept talking about all these trips that he wanted to take us on, and one day I got frustrated and said “How are you planning out all these trips that you want to take me on if you haven’t even asked me to be your girlfriend yet” 😂 So he said, “you’re right, let’s just do it and make it official”.  We did the 60-mile commute multiple times a week for about 15 months and then decided to move in together. 

Adam proposed on October 18, 2020, at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. I worked with animals for years and we always visit local zoos and aquariums on any trip we take. He had a whole plan where he hired a local photographer, who had her kids keep feeding the giraffes to keep them all around the same spot. When we got there, we got some lettuce and when I started feeding the giraffes he got down on one knee. I knew it was coming but I still cried 😅  He had three prior proposal plans that were, unfortunately, ruined by COVID. I knew that two of them involved zoos, so when we were going to the zoo in Colorado I had a very strong feeling it was going to happen then. I could tell he was very nervous and the other day he told me he was hungry, too 😂 

THE RING: Diamonds Direct
HAIR: Melissa Digs Hair
MAKEUP: Southern Tease
OUTFITS: Lulu’s, DSW, Polo + Stitch Fix