Andrew and Elizabeth at Walker Ranch Park

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.  The more I got to know Elizabeth and Andrew, the more I realized that Lillian was their dream together. This dream their hearts had wished came true in a very real way, and it was apparent with every look of admiration, every giggle, every touch and embrace, they don’t take this dream for granted, not even for a second.

I had the complete honor and privilege of meeting Elizabeth through Jenny and Sophia, all three whom work at Sea World, here in San Antonio, TX!  Andrew and Elizabeth’s sweet daughter, Lillian, was turning one, and I could hear the excitement in Elizabeth’s voice when talking about setting up our session.  She decided on  Walker Ranch Park for their family session, so that’s exactly what we did!! Memories of fondness, fun, giggles and dreamy light were created on October 28th of 2017.

There were birthday parties going on that particular day as well as a wedding and some other special events, so excitement and joy seemed to overflow at the park while we strolled.  As many families often do, Andrew & Elizabeth had wisely waited and dressed Lillian upon arrival as to not wrinkle/messy the beautiful, white dress Lillian so perfectly wore. She looked like a dream and could have been in a modeling studio, but instead she decided to smile for me and my lens!  Every cheesy smile, every gentle moment, each glance my way and all the beautiful, golden light are cherished in my heart forever.

At one point in the session, Lillian began to cry from a minor fall, so she got hooked up with snacks and strapped in the stroller.  Taking advantage of her new found distraction, I took both Elizabeth and Andrew off to the side for some love story moments.  As you may have figured out already, this is my favorite part of photography! Capturing the “love” moments in the love story, whether it be new couples, married couples, moms & dads, you name it.  Both Elizabeth & Andrew were so sweet and fell into each & every pose like they were pieces to a beautiful puzzle.  A perfect fit.  Toward the end of this portion, I heard a quiet, gentle, genuine whisper as Andrew leaned in close to Elizabeth and said, “I love you so much”.  I fought back tears, took in the priceless moment I had just captured, and tried to fix my heart back from being turned into mush.  These special moments that are not posed are my absolute favorite.

Thank you both so much for giving me a window into your true love story.

Hannah Charis