The Raymonds at Walker Ranch Park

Jenny contacted me after speaking with my amazing client, Sophia, who spoke with her about our session together. Jenny wanted her family photos done and to get some photos of her 4 year old, Rilee, in Jenny’s wedding dress! Umm, YES! Count me IN! Rilee rocked it and was an absolute dream in that wedding gown… I don’t think I’d be able to hold it together as well as Jenny did!  I’d be crying at the site of my daughter looking all grown up and wearing my gown.  SO, so precious. Turns out, Jenny waited to until she saw the photos to shed a tear.  Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.  Seriously SUCH a special session.
Aside from the sentiment, we walked around Walker Ranch Park, having an absolute BALL!  We started at the bridge, made our way through the pathways, stopped here and there where the lighting was magical, and finished off at an open field to focus on the dress.  During our walk, Andrew played airplane with Cody as you may see on my instagram feed, the whole family took a walk while I got to watch through my lens, and Cody & Rilee were their wonderful, age-appropriate selves! haha.  Rilee’s smile was so precious, Cody’s dinosaur roar was priceless, and the family together made the word “joy” come to life.  I’m so glad I got to spend a full two hours with this family, making memories and gaining friends.
Thank you to the Raymond Family for joining me on this adventure in the middle of October!  It was a beautiful day!

All my best,

Hannah Charis