Caitlin & Cody’s Wedding

Becoming a student and deciding never to change my status was one of the best decisions of my life. I love to learn and hope the day never comes where I say “I’m good enough”. It just won’t settle with me. So when I can, I love to second-shoot weddings!! I become a sponge and soak up all the knowledge, all the training, all the fun and I bring my mental notepad along. And what a better classroom than Branded T Ranch, y’all??! I’m so thankful Caitlin and Cody’s wedding was at this venue, with their amazing coordinator from Southern Unique Events, amongst their wonderfully fun friends and family, delicious food by Riverside Catering and with florals from The Elegant Bee I’m forever spoiled by!! This wedding felt like a dream I got to live out and watch from the sidelines with joy overflowing in my heart.

Carly of Carly Barton Photography was my partner in crime and I’m pretty sure a new friend for life. She is sweet as pie and adores her clients, and her love for photography and capturing emotion is captivating. It was an honor working with her as she was truly a delight to work alongside. I had the fun of photographing some of the centerpiece details, the reception, the Groom and Groomsmen, the Groom and Bridesmaids, and then capturing different angles throughout the wedding day while with Carly. I can still hear the laughter, the celebration and the silence as memory tears fell to the floor. Not to mention I was there to witness and capture the first look of Mom and Son as they held each other tight and shared tears during their embrace. Mom had a gift for Cody and shared a story with him how it was passed down from past generations before handing over this antique ring. Needless to say, Cody was blessed.

If every day was filled with this much love, joy, embrace and dancing… well, we may be exhausted all the time, but how much fun would it be!!! To conclude the night, Carly and I looked at each other with excitement as we finished off having a lavender exit! YES! Lavender! It smelled amazing and was fun to photograph, honestly! Scroll to the end and you’ll get to see!! Thanks for reading!

~Hannah Charis