Lauren And Hunter’s Maternity Session at The Historic Pearl

Within the busy every-day that is the Historic Pearl, I stood with gravel below my feet, two wagons by my side, two cameras ready to go on my shoulders and eager eyes, ready to meet Lauren and Hunter. A beautiful couple made their way slowly toward me. “This can’t be them. She’s not pregnant at all…” It was selfie time on their date but they wanted me to capture them, haha. “Of Course!” They happily walked away, arm-in-arm and almost immediately after I saw Lauren. This HAD to be Lauren. Her gorgeous, blush dress flowed and swayed with the wind, her hair looked like she just came from her thrown at the castle, her makeup was done to perfection and she had a train to her dress that created magical movement. Yes, this HAD to be her.

Lauren and Gene (Mom) approached me and after greeting they began filling the red wagon with all the things a girl needs. We started photographing before Hunter arrived with the new addition to my flower crowns and Lauren instantly killed it! She brought her perfectly round belly bump, her train swish and her beautiful smile through my lens and into dream land effortlessly. I love getting that excited about seeing the back of my cameras! How did I get so blessed once again?! This session was going to be yet another favorite!

Hunter arrived shortly after the first frames and we walked over near the fountain while chatting a bit. Lauren and Hunter are in between moving, so it was amazing to hear how Lauren is already a superwoman as a champion with moving while due in just one short month! I’m impressed and I know y’all out there are as well. She’s a rockstar! After chatting a bit on our walk, I placed Lauren and Hunter together in the foliage and watched as their eyes transformed from pose mode to adoration mode. Sweet, kind looks. Smizes. Laughter. Joy. Love. This couple has it all, y’all!

Sad to see this couple move, but their newborn session is in the works! I cannot wait to get to hang out with Hunter and Lauren again. They made my day. They made my week.  And even with their sneak peek, their words are filled with kindness and excitement, post session. Being around that kind of energy is contagious and wonderful. If only you all could hear the laughter and fun through my images, that would have made this gallery 10x better!!

~Hannah Charis