Hillary’s Bridals

A seemingly tangible sweetness always permeates the atmosphere when Hillary walks into a room or onto a location. Maybe it’s her warm, kind smile, maybe it’s the way her eyes easily invite you in, or maybe it’s her soft voice that greets you with genuine care. Whatever it is, it makes me thankful to know her and elated to be her photographer for this brand new chapter in her life. At last I have the ability to share Hillary’s bridals with you as she and Travis became one yesterday afternoon. That’s right! They’re married and last night’s celebration was wonderful! The moment she was longing for in these images below came true… the joy and anticipation she felt while holding her bouquet, wearing her gown, feeling gorgeous and practicing her wedding day shenanigans, it finally happened! More on yesterday to come, but for now I want to share with you this beautiful bride (inside & out), and the wonderful time I had the privilege of experiencing one-on-one… (+ her mom, Katheryn & Aunt Sarah). =)

Wow, so after a really fun engagement session¬†and correspondence along the way, we ended up here at the Denman Estates for Hillary’s Bridals. This is such a magical location and truly captures brides incredibly with the light and airy light, the gorgeous architecture and the beautiful pond nearby. You may remember Dulce & Angel’s Wedding day, captured here earlier this year and featured on San Antonio Weddings! So naturally we came back here and it was the BEST decision on Hillary’s part. She had even artistically put together her own beautiful bouquet, her hair and makeup was done by Sandy at Khalil and Co, so naturally… ON POINT! Helping with the occasional veil tszuj and dress fluff were Hillary’s mom, Katheryn and her aunt Sarah – they were amazing! At one point Aunt Sarah left to get Hillary some food as she felt a bit faint. What a sweetheart! My favorite part of the session though was getting to connect with Hillary and hang out before her big day. I can’t tell you how excited I was to have the wedding day approaching so quickly! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do, reliving this amazing afternoon.

~Hannah Charis