Chloe + Jared’s Maternity Session at Landa Park

Congratulations on the pregnancy, you two! Y’all!!! I had so much photographing Chloe + Jared’s Maternity session at Landa Park, just after their wedding! Happily married and a baby boy entering the world in May, Landa Park certainly had a glow I haven’t yet seen! It was a true honor to capture the joy and excitement surrounding this new addition in conjunction with the new Diamonds Direct wedding bands on their left hands…. Even when we did the “soft closed lip” poses… smiles were always soon to follow! And once again, Pink Blush Maternity for the win! Didn’t Chloe ROCK those two dresses? Of course, Jared looked dapper in his M22 look, and they both followed posing instructions WAY too easily. #NATURALS!!!! With all the photographer eye candy there is at this incredible park, we always had a next spot to go and new light to place them in, and with the weather the way it was, this day was like a dream come true!! I cannot WAIT for you to scroll through all the fun we had together and the take-it-all-in, slow-down moments, too. Take a look below to learn a little more about Jared + Chloe…

“Jared and I met online in 2017. It was a complete chance because I lived in Michigan at the time. I was in Texas visiting family when we “matched” while I was in town for a few days. At first I was like “eh no way we live in different states” but we decided to meet up based on a feeling that it was worth it. From there the rest is history! We were long distance for about a year and then my job ended up having an opening for a remote position so I moved to Texas. So we started our life together then in the same state!

We got engaged in 2020 and he had built up in his head all the things he wanted to do when COVID hit. That really put things into perspective on what was important. I was pretty nervous about leaving the house and we quickly became home bodies. We had a simple proposal at home but it was so special and sweet. 2020 came with a lot of sacrifices but also highlighted the important things in life and our relationship is something so precious to us both. I won’t ever forget that sweet moment with just us. 

We had a miscarriage right before this baby and it hit us really hard and truly instilled that this was something we wanted sooner rather than later. I had gone to the Dr. to follow up on the miscarriage and discovered I was pregnant again! It was a complete surprise and a wonderful blessing. We were incredibly fortunate with this pregnancy and this little boy was an answer to our prayers! 

For his name, my middle name is Joelle and the male version of that is “Joel”. On Jared’s side “Jackson” is a family name. So his name is Joel Jackson Caskey! As a plus we liked that it was a J like Jared 🙂 Although we promise to not go too Kardashian with it as we (hopefully!) have more kiddos!”