Christmas Mini Sessions in October

Another Christmas mini has been journaled! I have to say that photographing these six more families was incredible. Each child, each parent, each hug and smile absolutely brightened the month of October for me and started Autumn off to a wonderful beginning.
The Lucas family arrived first, bow-ties and all!  The four of them looked fantastic, were bubbling with joy, and they all worked that camera like it was their day-job!  These two boys you see above were the stars of the show, for sure!  In one photo, they even pretended to fix their bow-ties. HAHA . What hams!
Next to arrive were another family of four – the Fernandez family!  I’ve been photographing them for years and I always have so much fun with them!  The girls are growing up way too fast, and I always tend to laugh a LOT during their sessions.  We walked, we talked, they posed and smiled and it didn’t stop ’til their 20 minutes were up!
When the Pitambers stepped into the wilderness where we were taking photos, I was THRILLED!  Heather Joy is my bestie, and I LOVE getting to take pictures of her and her lovely family of four!  Their youngest was filled with giddy laughter, their oldest wasn’t feeling well but still managed to pull off his debonaire smiles and of course Mom and Dad showed their love throughout.  LOVED THIS SESSION!
Another family of four came strolling my way with a newbie to the family!  The Alaniz family came with their newborn, Charolette, and boy did she make me come alive!  Newborns are such a JOY!  Of course, their daughter, Avry was there too, with her beautiful smile!  Beautiful girls!  I had the Privilege of photographing the Alaniz wedding, so this session was very special to me. =)
Once I wrapped up with the Alaniz family, the White family came next.  I had a wonderful time with Zoe & Deacon as they showed off their sibling love and just played and had fun together.  As the sun began to set, we closed out with some Christmas props and individuals.  I LOVED hanging out with these two.
Last, but not least, was the Reese family!  Amber and her two beauties are always a pleasure to photograph!  I am blessed to know them and truly enjoy interacting with these son and daughter siblings.  (And not just because they are Red Heads!) 😉
Thank you so much to all who came out and hung out with me October 7th!  What a beautiful time we had.
All my best,

Hannah Charis