Dulce & Angel, Newly Weds at Denman Estates, San Antonio

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, I took a quiet, afternoon drive out to the Denman Estates.  I had never been there before, and I had never met Dulce & Angel who had married at the courthouse around 11:30am that same day.  I didn’t know who to expect or what to expect, so I arrived early and walked the grounds.  BEAUTIFUL area.  The house is white with amazing pillars, the foliage is luscious and green as Spring is fast approaching, and the pond is a site worth seeing if you’ve not yet been.  With each step I took, my eyes widened and my smile brightened.  The light was dreamy as the sun made its way through the trees, the peaceful atmosphere was being enjoyed by fellow San Antonio residents, and the air was crisp as if atop a mountain.  I was ready for Dulce and Angel, (the newlyweds!!!!), to arrive.

As I walked back with my red wagon in tow, I came to a rock near the bike area, next to the parking lot.  There I sat to wait in anticipation.  As Dulce and Angel pulled up in their big truck, I saw the window roll down… “Are you the photographer?” Angel was looking right at me.  Seeing him and Dulce there, looking like they just walked out of a magazine, I thought to myself, I hope so!!! But instead I said, calmly, “Yes, I am.”  They parked and walked my way with Miguel, Dulce’s son, and Chris, Angel’s brother.  Dulce and Angel were glowing and I could sense the excitement, love, giddy-ness, and joy radiating off them.

We started off with some macro flower and ring shots then moved into romantic, dreamy, fun and natural photos of Dulce and Angel as they displayed their love for each other so perfectly in front of my camera. They nailed the giggle kiss every time!! They gazed at each other as if I was peering in on a real moment, and when I asked Angel to pull Dulce in close, they fit together like a perfect puzzle and displayed their vows through gazes, smiles, laughter, and admiration.  We were also able to take some shots by the pond where Dulce and Angel’s reflection looked incredible as they rocked their poses they had just learned without being able to hear my instructions! I was VERY impressed to say the least.

Later I was able to get some fun photographs of Miguel, age 5, in his dashing attire.  What a cutie and quite the gentleman!  When Miguel when back to play some more with Chris, I was able to finish off the session with some LIFT PHOTOS (my favorites). I love these because it adds that element of playfulness to this beautiful new chapter in their lives….

Thank you, Dulce and Angel, for contacting me and trusting me with these wedding memories that will be looked upon for all the years to come, and hopefully your grandkids one day will get to see the beauty of your young love.


~Hannah Charis




Wedding Ring band, made by Jared
Wedding Ring diamond, made by Yadav Diamonds
Wedding Dress, from Macy’s – American Living
Flowers by Heavenly Floral Designs on Huebner
Beautiful Heels by Jessica Simpson