Mommy & Me 2018 – San Antonio MOPS

It’s truly an incredible experience, being a part of MOPS.  For those of you who don’t know, MOPS stands for Moms Of Pre-Schoolers. This group of women is powerful to be a part of – they are giving, talented, loving, real, kind, accepting and fun!  The best part of MOPS, for me, is the acceptance in knowing that I’m not alone, and MOPS delivers every time!  We pray for one another, we love on each other, we listen the the tough weeks previous and the tough road that seems to lie ahead.  We share similarities and help when times of need arise.  Some women have had house fires, deaths, challenging births, financial problems, heart-ache, divorce, feelings of failure and even depression.  While that all sounds terrible, we get to come together once a month, lay all of that out on the table, eat together, listen to someone encourage us as a motivational speaker, and then we get to talk as a group and really be there for each other.  While all of the above mentioned is happening all over the room, we still see women smiling, laughing, hugging, and loving on one another.  I don’t know what I would do without these mammas and their accepting, loving wonderful hearts.  I need them, they need me, we all need each other, especially when times get tough.

Below you get to see those amazing, powerful, phenomenal women that I know and love and get excited about seeing once a month.  What a beautiful thing it is to see them WITH THEIR KIDDOS and all the love that their kids have for their mom during this Mommy & Me 2018 session.  In just 10 minutes with each family, I saw laughter, kisses, embraces, dancing and playfulness.  I got to see these moms in their element, doing what they do best: Mommin’! Enjoy just a few photos from Saturday’s special and wonderful photoshoot in the rain…

~Hannah Charis