Firstborn, Margot, at Her Newborn Session

You’re welcome! Don’t worry, I heard the “thank you”‘s from a MILE away for posting so much cuteness in one journal entry! Haha. Introducing the firstborn, Margot, at her newborn session today! 100% perfection. In these photos she is just 7 days new, 7 days cute and 7 days of dreamy. She had a rough start to the world, but Margot immediately stole my heart with her sweet, tiny features and sleepy eyes. She even had a “Stork Bite” or “Angel Kiss” on her eye lid which my oldest daughter, Bailey, had! SO CUTE! Margot’s home, filled with love, was peaceful and calm, tidy and beautiful, and it smelled amazing! Rachel and Skip did so well and were quiet and loving parents, waiting for the next pose and then the next and the next. They had sentimental items handy for their loved ones to be included in the session which I thought was incredibly thoughtful and showed their genuine hearts. As the first grandchild, I’ll bet this little nugget will know only love and devotion her entire life.

I only spent three hours with this angel, but in that time I soaked up every ounce of hearing all her sounds, her sighs and her wriggles. My favorite parts of the session, though, were when she smiled! You guys! Margot’s smile literally lit up the room! It impacted the hearts of all of us with warm fuzzies and pure happiness, and we were blessed to be graced with at least a dozen smiles while I was there! She’s going to be such a happy little kiddo with peace and love surrounding her always. I hope to get the privilege of watching her grow and seeing that smile increase through the years. For now, let’s slow time down and enjoy the “little” things i.e. the newborn that she is in all her tiny-ness. Again I say, “You’re welcome.” =)

~Hannah Charis