The King Family at the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX

Arriving at the Nature Center again today and meeting a family I had never met before. The King family. Before they arrived and as I was preparing and organizing, it was important that I took a moment to take it all in.  The trees, the foliage, the beauty of the nature surrounding me that I never want to take for granted. Although many people were all around, activity swirling as they came and went, it seemed invaluably peaceful as if the beauty overtook the hustle and bustle of my fellow nature lovers. As the Carr fire in CA is still under 50% containment and as I watch my home land burn from far away, I have decided to live life with my eyes wide open, taking in everything God has created and everything beautiful. We are blessed to have places like the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX to stare at its beauty in awe and wonder.

When the King family arrived, Kelly greeted me with her sweet, mothering smile and a big hug. She was dressed perfectly with a countenance to match! Jason and I were able to chat a bit and have some laughs before the session as Kelly freshened up and it became easy to adore this family very quickly. Corbin is the oldest and brought his charm and swagger – along with many silly faces – he made me laugh out loud quite a few times. When I met McKenzie, she greeted me with a beautiful smile and friendly conversation, and I LOVED the dress she wore! <3 But as expected, John stole the show pretty quickly with his beautiful features, amazing eye lashes/eyes and adorable outfits. What a STUD!

I’m thankful for families like the Kings because they laughed at my jokes, rocked the “awkward” poses, and willingly and happily jumped in with both feet! The water photos were my favorite and I loved how they just kicked off their shoes and jumped right in. A beautiful family, inside and out, with a gorgeous setting and the outfits chosen to perfection (you rock, Kelly!)… and then there was me, standing behind the camera in awe and wonder, soaking it all in. How amazing is it that I have a job that takes me deep into nature with families like the Kings! I will never take this for granted.

~Hannah Charis