Hinh, Party of 3

Wednesday night I drove South to the beautiful Hemisfair, right where the Tower of the Americas is! I was in photographer heaven as building after building caught my eyes and I wandered around just admiring the beauty. After exploring, I met Linda and Hiep at the Magik Theatre parking lot where I met their new son, Kaiden, and their two beautiful and well-behaved canines, Petey and Dizzy. This is not just your annual family memories upkeep photo session… The Hinh, Party of 3 has been a long time coming!

Kaiden was adopted by the Hinhs just one month ago, and this little three-year-old son of theirs fits like a completed puzzle into the family. His mommy and daddy were grinning ear to ear, and so was Kaiden! He even introduced me to his dogs which I thought was so cute! The way Linda and Hiep speak to Kaiden is inspiring to say the least. He is certainly ALL b-o-y and also 3, yet these two individuals took such care in the way they spoke with him, loved on him, guided him and even played with him when a photo break was needed.This family has a true sense of love, connection and inner beauty, and it was an honor to witness each precious moment.

Of course, Kaiden – being 3.5 – made me laugh so hard! He loved to run, jump, help with the leashes for the dogs, and my favorite moment happened in the big grassy field. Hiep had asked him to sit down for a photo, and he decided to sit on his knees.  I almost fell over with laughter when Hiep kindly asked him to sit back and the interpretation was to slowly fall backwards on his back and lay down. Haha. I just adore this sweet boy!

And let’s not forget Uncle Frank! He came to help with Kaiden and the dogs, and he was AMAZING! He watched our stuff while we captured memories and was even able to sneak in for some photos, which I was thankful for.  What an incredibly sweet man… I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! It was truly a perfect day!