The Edgertons at the Pearl

Well, it’s that time of year to photograph the Edgertons!!! Remember them from their photo session near the hill country?? Morgan and Jon have to be one of the most genuinely sweet couples I know. They have patience, joy, playful spirits, and “True Love”. To explain, my daughter, Raisa, -while I was editing- saw a picture of Jon and Morgan and asked me if that was “True Love”… of course I said, “Yes, it is, sweetie!” HAHA I love it! Because it’s so TRUE! It’s amazing what I get from just under two hours with a family like this.  I feel as though I’m witnessing the beauty that is family with each new location we go to, the conversations we have between spots and the endearing smiles on all the faces. It brings joy to my heart in so many ways!

As you may know from my last session with this incredible family, Morgan and I go way back. We played softball together and volleyball as well, and my favorite part about her is her laugh! It’s so contagious and makes you want to hang out for hours because of the way she invites you in, makes you feel loved and wants to have fun! What a way to live life!! And it seems that no matter what she’s going through, that smile and laughter doesn’t fade. I thank God for people like her… unshaken and true to the core of happiness that fills those around her with the giggles.

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do! I think I just might look through it one more time with you! Re-living this evening puts a smile on my face every time!!!

~Hannah Charis