Noble Capri Newborn Photos

Come with me and travel back to Christmas time when my family of 6 drove out to California… remember the snow?! Remember Casey and Aaron’s Maternity Session up at Lassen Volcanic National Park?? CLICK HERE to view their maternity session again!! =) Well, if you remember, Casey is my childhood best friend, and she is one of the most fun-loving, entertaining, kind, beautiful people you will meet. I can only imagine how here baby will turn out, and guess what… she had her baby!!!! To make things even better, I had the absolute honor of visiting Redding again in February, and I got to photograph Noble Capri’s Newborn moments! What timing, right?! I was in town for my dad’s work anniversary of 40 years and I’m pretty sure Noble knew I booked my ticket to fly out because there she was!! Perfect in every way.

To no surprise of mine, Casey and Aaron’s home looked beautiful, clean, elegant and welcoming. Casey’s parents were in town, too, and I even got to see her brother, Hunter, for a minute or two. But it’s no secret that Noble stole the show! She preferred to be wrapped and fell fast asleep once snuggled in tight, and she dreamt like an angel for the rest of the session. Casey is already such a good mama, and I loved seeing Aaron in action, too. I got to see Noble again today on Marco Polo and MY OH MY has she already grown since the beginning of March/End of February! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s going to be the best thing ever watching that little nugget grown into a mini case-case. I love you, Noble Capri! You have my heart, Girl! Careful what you wish for cuz you’ll probably get it! haha Love you sweet thing.

~Hannah Charis