The Robertson Triplets

Yet another newborn session, and this one is so dear to my heart because I’ve been following Devynne on Instagram for SO LONG, reading about hers and Brandon’s incredible journey to have the Robertson Triplets. After 5 years they finally get to meet 3 beautiful, sweet precious gems. While these boys always need our prayer and support as premature newborns do, I’m so thankful and happy that they are as healthy as they are! All three boys are home, Devynne is ROCKING it while Brandon goes back to work, and each and every post Devynne shares just sends my heart through a roller coaster of emotions. It’s obvious to me that Devynne was destined to be a mom, and there is a reason God put these three incredible boys in her arms. She’s so gentle, sweet, kind, nurturing and patient, and it’s an amazing thing to watch when all three are singing a sad song at the same time! I don’t know how she does it, but maybe we can just say she’s Superwoman! =)

I asked my cousin, Mallory of YelloNest Photography to assist me and I’m glad I did! With x3, it’s definitely helpful to have all hands on deck! Jennings, Tatum and Brooks slept like angels when it was their turn, sometimes they opened their eyes to look around and then back to dreamland they went… even at 3 months old, they were SOOO sleepy. I can’t believe I had the honor of not only capturing Devynne and Brandon‘s love journey as they watched that baby belly grow, but I got to be there for the newborn photos as well!! I’m a truly blessed photographer and I just sometimes can’t handle all this joy! It’s just amazing to me. 1, 2, 3, check out this trio!!!!!!!! You’re gonna fall in love like I did! Careful!